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About Us

unobtainium produces highly detailed 3D printed resin components enabling you to super-detail existing kits.

What's unique about us is that we are driven by you - so when you join our community you can request that we design and make a component that you need and can't get anywhere else.

If enough community members agree with you, then we will make it.

It's that simple.

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What's the catch?

Well there isn't one, you will be asked to take some photos and a few measurements and share any references you have, but that's it.

Did I mention that you don't even get to pay for it either? if your component gets made, we will supply it to you free of charge, (apart from postage and packing), so what's not to like?

So what's in it for me then?

by working this way I find out what people actually want, rather than guessing, and I will offer the things we make to other members and the wider community, for sale, at a modest profit.

I would like to think that this is one of those rare occasions where everybody wins.


Here are some of the designs we are currently working on.

  • All
  • Alfa 8C upgrades 1/12th
  • Honda RA273 Exhaust 1/12th
  • F40 Engine 1/8th (coming soon)
  • Bentley upgrades 1/12th (coming soon)

Wheel fitted to kit

Italeri 1/12th scale

3D render

Tamiya 1/12th scale

3D render

Italeri 1/12th scale

unobtainium Vs kit exhaust

Tamiya 1/12th scale

Fitted to Tamiya kit

Tamiya 1/12th scale

unobtainium Vs kit wheel

Italeri 1/12th scale

Alfa 16

Pencil for scale

Italeri 1/12th scale

Wire spokes and resin printed hub and rim

Italeri 1/12th scale

Fitted to Tamiya kit

Tamiya 1/12th scale

Alfa 16

ALfa Wire Lock Bolt kit

Italeri 1/12th scale

Bentley 41/2 litre blower Full Engine kit

Airfix 1/12th scale

Bentley wire wheel kit

Airfix 1/12th scale

unobtainium Ferrari F40 Engine kit Video thumbnail

Ferrari F40 engine in 1/8th scale

This is what started it all and version 2 of the model is well underway.
As we now have full access to a disassembled f40 engine, for the first time we are producing a highly detailed and accurate version of this iconic engine.
This video shows the 1st version and has now been completely redrawn from scratch.
Initially this will be offered in 1/8th scale. As the master CAD model is drawn at full size, other scales may be made available if there is sufficient interest.

Latest News

I'm delighted to report that the Ferrari F40 engine prototype is now complete, and was entered in the IPMS Scale ModelWorld Competition in Telford last weekend and picked up a Gold Medal. I am currently working on productionising the printing process for the kit as well as developing the documentation and decal sets so sya tunes for the latest updates.

unobtainium Ferrari F40 Engine kit and IPMS Gold Medal

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